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Animation Transformation Animation Transformation

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This is true talent!

Anyone can draw a lot of designs of their own and implement them into their own style, but to duplicate multiple artists' styles and put them alongside your own...people may say it's not talent, but they need to realize that a lot of work goes into such duplication. Besides, it's not like you're actually plagiarizing. You are simply drawing yourself in their style, and that does take a lot of talent when you add in multiple styles together.

As a former artist, I can fully appreciate the raw talent that has gone into this, mainly because I never had much myself ;P however, I do have ideas that you might want to look into for a bit more challenging styles. For example, NeonDragon (Jessica Peffer) draws dragons in a unique artstyle, and she also draws other things that are more human...though I'd personally like to see you try and draw yourself as a dragon, it might be kinda cool! Then there's Thazumi, and his style is more simplistic than NeonDragon's, but it still looks quite elegant for the cartoon crowd. Lastly, I don't know if you could fully duplicate this one, since it is more between realistic and fantasy, but I'll try and see what you may like. Look up Ironshod. Her talents are definitely many, and she is one of the best fantasy artists I've ever seen. If you could pull off that style, I think a lot of people would be truly stunned!

If there are any you don't wish to do, I understand, but I do hope you give these full consideration. I give you 5/5 and 10/10 for success at captivating an audience and for genuine effort! I hope you keep up the excellent work!

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